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Audiobook Narration

Rebecca Roberts to date as narrated and produced over 150  audiobooks for Indie authors and major publishing houses.  Her work is consistently highly reviewed for its believability and the integrity and charisma she brings to the voices of each character.  Her voice is captivating to audiobook lovers.

Self Help and E-Learning that connects

"She sounds like someone you're gonna want to know better

Leslie Kronish, VO Acting Coach extraordinairre

Rebecca has a grounded and wise delivery that works so beautifully with a variety of objectives.  She has the voice of a natural leader who has empathy and patience.  Wether it's a book about Business Strategies, an intuitive guide, a yoga video, or a corporate instructional tool, the listener will hear a real person who connects and is relate-able.

A Grounded and Conversational Commercial Sound


"Kind of like a Female Mike Rowe"

-Lisa Biggs, VO personality and superstar-Commercial 

Looking for e female voice that can evoke strength with out sounding... know. Rebecca has a natural strength in her vocal quality, delivery choices, and her spirit that delivers.

A memorable choice for your commercial copy



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